Community Well!ness Festival Events by Well!

Community Well!ness Festival

The Community Well!ness Festival is a FREE, family-friendly event for the entire community. The Festival will provide families the opportunity to check out all of the healthy and fun resources in their community that they can plug into as well as showcasing easy and innovative ways to incorporate small healthy changes into their lives.

Events by Well!

Focusing on better community wellness through education and festivals as well as improving health professional through career development and conferences.

Well! is an event creation and production company that specializes in helping make our communities healthy! We host a range of events…from community wellness festivals to educational conferences and business building, career development and networking retreats for health & fitness professionals (helping others get healthy and fit!)

Community Wellness

As a company our goal is to provide education and outreach to improve the health, fitness, and wellness in our community. We will provide informative blog posts that will come from members of our team but also introducing guest bloggers from various view points in the industry.

Community Events

We will be introducing our first of many free Community Well!ness Festivals starting in the summer or fall of 2015. These festivals will introduce you and your family to various exercises, nutrition information, and local small businesses.

Professional Events

Well! will host various conferences for the health professionals to network, share their knowledge, foster friendships and partnerships, and continuing education. With guest speakers from fitness experts, nutritionists, and health bloggers the conferences will provide education and information for everyone.

A Well! Welcome

Well! has always been about helping the community become healthier by providing the public (and the health professionals that serve the public) education and networking through information, resources and events. With that in mind we are making some additions to our website and to our online communication to better serve you. We are also announcing […]

Simple Gestures

A smile, a nod, holding the door open for someone. These are simple gestures-but little acts of kindness that make me, and I’m sure others, feel there is hope for humanity. Today was a cold rainy dreary day.  The kind of day you want to curl up in your jammies with a cup of hot […]


coun·ter·in·tu·i·tive Adjective \-in-ˈtü-ə-tiv, -ˈtyü-\ Different from what you would expect: not agreeing with what seems right or natural.   I mentioned in a previous blog about the counter intuitiveness of having to eat more to lose weight.  The whole idea (on the surface) of putting more in your body- to take more off your body, […]

Twist, Turns,U-Turns and Obstacles

Life is full of twists and turns, U-turns and obstacles, we all know and experience this.  There are very few people we know- friends, family, co-workers or strangers that don’t have something in their lives, at any given moment that is a challenge for them.  What we do about those challenges is important and determines […]

Be Positive

Everyone needs encouragement, some times more than others.  The need for positive thoughts and inspirational contemplation is human nature.  So today I will try to uplift my spirits and yours with some words of wisdom and enlightenment from the famous and not so famous. “The only person you are destined to become is the person […]


There are so many choices presented to us each day.  They range in scale from very benign to very important.  Their importance can also vary from person to person.  Sometimes our choices effect no one else except us, but more often, our choices affect many.  Loved ones, friends and even strangers can be impacted by […]

There was a time…

In the not so distant past, there was a time when going to the beach meant over-eating, drinking and laying on the beach all day like a beached whale! Now- that’s not all bad and I’m not criticizing anyone for relaxing the same way, because we all need a break from the realities of life. […]

What time is it???

Everybody has those days when time just gets away from them.  Today was definitely one of those days for me- in a blink of my eyes it was 6:40pm and I still had a lot to do!  I didn’t just whittle(I thought it was twittle, but spell check corrected me- so I must be wrong) […]